Was created Model elite hospital in 2000, and is today considered the most important private hospitals in the Republic of Yemen, was able to combine the efficiency of the administration and the medical service, which hoped for everyone's level and perhaps the most important characteristic of the hospital from other hospitals of those studies and plans pre-created super-degree of technical and architectural engineering
Has been created intensive care department next to the operating room immediately, so that the patient can be in critical condition to transfer directly from the Department of operations to his bed in the intensive care unit and thereby provide emergency medical services to him immediately and without any delay
Scary rising cases of diseases and spinal deformities in Yemen delay of cases of spinal deformities aggravate the suffering of the patient and difficult to handle advise parents to consult a doctor when there is any suspicion of deformed spine for their children provide all the possibilities and new technologies to make spinal deformities operations in Yemen tribute to the humanitarian role of the Fund the disabled and the outstanding efforts of the Hospital Authority revolution in the conduct of spinal deformities operations for free

أقسام المستشفى
Chairman of the Board

Human illness story and hope the pain and their battleground and distress and here is precisely our website and our profession that human ascribe to triumph over the pain ... It is this that your candidacy to guard the life is sacred task and ensure safety and meet the rescue mission to be the angel of mercy, addressed to face the grim life in order to bring them back smiling traumatic, When are top for this task, we soldier on the gap in the range of looks and appeal to the permanent alert ... more

Mission and objectives of the hospital

In order to be able to provide these services efficiently quest and since inception to keep up with the latest in science motto was in the piece that we started from where others have ended and Achtsrna time and won the confidence of everyone thanks to God Almighty During a brief period not exceeding six years, the hospital was able to become one of the most famous and the best of them hospitals reputation dear homeland level

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